About BulCanto

In 2019 the Bulgarian Orthodox Choir Berlin e.V. and Bulgarian Voices Berlin e.V. celebrated their 15th and 10th anniversaries respectively. Because of this occasion our conductor Boryana Velichkova initiated a very special project called BulCanto: A strong collective, specially put together from the established singers of both choirs, presenting an anniversary program.


Nowadays BulCanto is part of the Bulgarian Voices Berlin e.V. society and it still unites the powers of the both choirs. The repertoire consists of contemporary arrangements with complex harmonies that range from fantastic highs to primitive monotonous rhythms. In this way, atypical and extremely moving interpretations of Bulgarian traditional music and Orthodox sacred music are created.


As the BulCanto choir grows it has become a wonderful place for all our new singers to start and get to know the essentials of this powerful music. The Bulgarian Orthodox Choir Berlin and Bulgarian Voices Berlin are two already established choirs with strong and unique repertoire which makes BulCanto a good starting point for the newcomers preparing for a smooth transition. In BulCanto everyone with a musical interest for Bulgarian music is welcome – we have singers at complete beginners level to professionals and together we create a supportive learning environment.


It is also important to mention that BulCanto is a mixed choir. Unlike Bulgarian Voices Berlin (a female choir only), it gives chance also for all male voices to join us, thus giving a deeper and more interesting sound of the harmonies.



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