About Sharena Gayda Berlin

Sharena Gayda Berlin is a choir for children between the ages of 4 and 14 who want to sing Bulgarian music. The project for children’s choir was initiated by the conductor Boryana Velichkova in 2016. Parents who sing in the other choirs stood on the stage with their kids even before that, so that idea came naturally after the interest and the number of kids rose.


The young chorist generation are learning to sing and to develop their sense for music and harmonies from early age. Singing is combined with choreography which teaches them discipline, rhythm and most importantly to have fun, not only during rehearsals, but also on the stage.


Through the Bulgarian music the children learn about the Bulgarian culture as well as the customs and way of life of our ancestors. Whether it would be the elaboration of Martenitsi or celebrating Christmas and Easter, the children are celebrating together main Bulgarian and German holidays, Birthday parties and make friends.


Sharena Gayda Berlin has experience in performing on the big Berlin stages with famous artists and is invited to participate often in joint projects with the other choirs. The little singers introduce themselves mainly with Bulgarian folklore, but also with rock and pop music.



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