About Us

BULGARIAN VOICES BERLIN is a multi-national female ensemble for traditional Bulgarian folklore singing, exploring authentic and contemporary arrangements and interpretations. Formed in 2009 under the lead of Boryana Velichkova, the choir has become a home not only for Bulgarian singers, but also for women of different backgrounds. Every woman has found her way to the Bulgarian folk song in a very personal way, but a common joy in this music and a deep desire to pass it on are connecting the choir members. Once heard, the Bulgarian folk song with its captivating melodies and fascinating rhythms leaves a deep, powerful impression. The music is intimate and moving, and possesses a power and a wealth that can fill the hearts as well as the concert halls.

At the 2018 International Choral Festival of Preveza, Greece, BVB was awarded Gold medal and scored second in the overall competition ranking which saw performances of over 40 choirs from around the globe. The choir is currently preparing for a subsequent participation in a choral festival in Jeju, South Korea in February 2019.