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Bulgarian Voices Berlin

CD 2018: “Ogreyalo Slantse”

CD 2018: “Ogreyalo Slantse”


This album captures the journey of our choir over a year. Recorded partly in Bulgaria and partly in Germany, the process helped us grow and understand not only our voice but also our sound and how we wanted to use it. The result is in your hands, and we hope it transmits to you the message of an ancient culture, the love for which unites us all.

1. Yas ti postilam

13. Ogreyalo Slantse



  1. Yaz ti postilam (arr. Georgi Andreev)
  2. Lozo Lozano / Sednalo e Dzhore (arr. Georgi Genov)
  3. Kozhilyo (arr. Neli Andreeva)
  4. Mar Prodano (comp. Ivan Spasov)
  5. Bela sam / Nеdelinski dvuglas (traditional, arr. Neli Andreeva)
  6. Pustono ludo (arr. Nikolay Peev)
  7. Shopski napevi (traditional)
  8. Kalimanku Denku (traditional)
  9. Petlite peyat (arr. Neli Andreeva, Nikolay Peev)
  10. Tsveto le (arr. Neli Andreeva)
  11. Snoshti si mezho (arr. Georgi Andreev)
  12. Shopska kitka (traditional)
  13. Ogreyalo slantse (arr. Stefka Kushleva)

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